Robotics is an organization for GT (Gifted and Talented) students who are excelling at either Mathematics and/or Science. The students build robots with the Lego NXT robotics kits and computer programming software. The robots are to do either specific tasks (Arena Competition) or can be inventive (Invention Competition). All teams are made of up to 4 students and all of them are qualified to attend the Regional Competition for Robotics at Kilgore, Texas.  Students then can attend an Area competition for possible State level qualification.  Once at Area, teams compete for automatic State placement (first-third place) or a wild-card slot.


The McMichael Middle School 2012-2013 Robotic team members are: 

Tyler Smith

Brenden Hubble

Caleb Servin

John Doggett

Parker Elliott

Brittany Williams

Evalyn Arriaga

Nicholas Schaefer

JD Bryant

Trey Birdwell

Brennan Heath

Emily Jacobs

Noah Castetter

Brian Thomas

Joe Geyerman

Cody Miller

Trey Wild

Madison Milstead

Samuel Driver

Joshua Nicholas

Gabe Giudici

Robert Guerrero

Daisy Garcia

Mitchell Schaefer

Andrew Searles

Jonas Naranjo

Joshua Spies

Jabralyn Davis

Robotics Sponsors are Marilyn Driskill and Virginia Ploch